Dietary Services

Weight management, and specifically weight loss is our expertise in QLMC Dietary Department, but it never stops here.

What we keep in mind is patient’s Quality of Life; and that umbrella covers the short term and long-term health, a healthy body composition, healthy look and feel, and healthy concept of dieting.

Our patients come for advice about:

  • Proper weight gain during the pregnancy
  • How to get back in shape while breast-feeding
  • Asking about dietary advice for their children if they are fussy eaters, causing from any food allergy or tending to overeat…
  • And eventually, patients who come for weight management, need our support to manage their blood pressure, renal function or sugar levels…

So our mission is to start with slow and sure steps towards healthy lifestyle, managing the cravings and building positive approach towards dieting… and we continue the road with them until they are fit and healthy, especially if they seek for the bodybuilder look…

Every patient visiting the Dietary Department expects a complete assessment of his nutritional status and eating behaviors; followed by a clear target of weight and adjusted lifestyle habits.

The initial assessment includes:

  • Assessment of patient’s medical history, and medical treatment
  • Assessment of patient’s weight history, discussing previous dietary plans or medical treatment related to weight management
  • Assessment of patients current food intake from nutritional and caloric points of views
  • Running Body Composition Analysis (BCA) – evaluating the muscle mass, fat mass and hydration rate, combined with basic anthropometrics to assess the nutritional status of the patient
  • Understanding any aversions, intolerance or allergies to specific foods – and body’s response to them
  • Discussing doctor’s recommendation for the surgery, and how the surgery help for the weight loss (where applicable)
  • Assessment of current activity level of the patient
  • Explaining the approach of the new diet
  • Referring the patient to Physician (where applicable)
  • Following day, the patient receives his custom made dietary plan via e-mail

Perioperative Diets – Before and after bariatric surgeries

QLMC team is dedicated to provide the ideal treatment for patients scheduled for a bariatric surgery.

We know that the surgery itself and the period after would be much easier for the patient if he/she is supported by the dietitian; because we don’t want our patient to end up feeling like “I need to eat something but I don’t know what is right for me” or “ I don’t know what food helps me feel better”.

Before the surgery, our target in the dietary department is to:

  • Assess the patient’s nutritional status and improve it
  • Reduce the liver size, which will improve the surgeon’s access to the stomach during the procedure
  • Introduce the patient to the post-operative progressive diet

After the surgery, step by step we accompany the patient with:

  • Customized diet, progressing from liquids to solids
  • Dietary advices to avoid complications namely dehydration, muscle wasting, malnutrition, sever deficiencies and overall poor status
  • Proper supplementation of the diet when needed
  • Adjusting the diet plan depending on patients’ chronic conditions
  • Building up a new relation between the patient and the daily routine in order to reach the target weight and maintain it for years
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